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You may have seen Twitter posts that mention #ff or #followfriday – so the story goes it was originally a Twitter social convention  started by Twitter member @micah to introduce interesting people he was following to those following him.

The idea caught on and now you will find many tweeters posting #ff updates on Friday. It might be that they are thanking fellow tweeters for retweets or they’ve been particularly interesting or they are great mates or they’ve provided great conversation or whatever 🙂

It’s just a nice little way to appreciate your twitter followers and those you’re following.

And often when you’re new to Twitter it can be difficult to find good people to follow – being a very busy place and crammed with lots of noise and fluff. But I have found my looking at the #ff of the people in my tweeter feed, I can find some great new people to follow.

A #followfriday tweet will look something like this:

#followfriday @three60ruralpr @wossy @stephenfry


#ff @urbanchickenuk @theangelshare @sellmywedding

How to use #followfriday effectively:

1. Keep an eye out for #followfriday in the tweets you receive and check them out

2. Write your own once in a while, perhaps keeping the list to 2-3 members

3. Use Twitter Search to see who else is being recommended in #followfriday

If you are following someone brilliant and they happen to use #ff you could find yourself with several more interesting people/businesses to follow yourself. And it’s so nice when people start to #ff you!